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If you are looking for the best packages to view television checkout with the iptv set top box suppliers that operates on the latest technology of direct streaming from the internet connection without the necessity of any traditional satellite signal or the cable television formats and is offered in much affordable packages with high quality images and programs of your choice. Moreover, as the television content is sent through an internet connection you can also view the programs other than on the television sets like the computer or even the internet capable mobile phones streaming only the programs requested by the viewers to the end device.

Iptv Set Top Box Greek


So in Greece you can actually lookout for the Greek nova iptv box offering you different Greek packages like basic for $39.99, family for $49.99 and premium HD package for $69.99 for you to enjoy your favorite programs. Moreover, the iptv set top box suppliers also offer the TV A/V connector that allows you to even connect with the older TV versions with the help of their patented T-Con connector or the optional cable to receive the full HD signals through the internet connection. The set top box for the iptv connection is also very small that it actually fits in your hand and you can either set it on a wall or using the remote dongle it can also be fitted behind the TV sets that continuously streams the latest blockbuster movies, sports and other programs in full HD 1080p 60Hz resolution meeting the industry set standards for high definition interface of the picture quality.

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So with the iptv connection you can enjoy three types of services being offered by your operators like live television, time shifted television like viewing programs that have already been broadcasted or replaying the program from the beginning that is actually being aired right now. You can also checkout video on demand programs that are possible to telecast with the iptv set top boxes. So by contacting your iptv set top box suppliers for a connection you no longer have to worry about the Ethernet cables as the boxes itself come with built in 802.11 Wi-Fi options of 150Mbit/sec and 300Mbit/sec without the necessary of any TV antennas.

Along with the iptv set top boxes the suppliers also provide you with remote control, 1.5, Ethernet cable, 1.5m Mini HDMI to HDMI cable, internal Wi-Fi, single plug power adapter, wall mount fixings, template, product information leaflet and T-Con connector cable for you to enjoy quality TV programs directly streamlined from the internet connection.

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